Saturday, March 11, 2006

Scary News

Hello everyone!

I wrote in my previous post “let’s have fun in any case”. I’m afraid that there will be some exceptions… :-( I certainly do not intend to have a despondent blog, not really! But sometimes there are headlines that can only make somebody flare up.

Yes, I know. It might happen often, and in the long term that would not be a very healthy habit to get angry with all the dramatic news events… And not very useful.

Nevertheless, two news items caught my attention while I was using yahoo. The first one is related to South Dakota. I will not discuss abortion here, rather not. Yet the world (yes, yes!) has to know what that state (or its governor with lobbies?) is doing. (I guess that if this link is not valid anymore, the information should easily be found on the big news portals…). This is chilling my blood.

Very concretely: a 12yo can be raped by her father/brother/grand-father/…. She will not be allowed to abort. This is of course not the only possible illustration of the many tragical consequences of that bill.
Is there anything else needed to be said??

Another one from the state of Michigan.

Can anyone imagine the outcome of:
Man: “Yes your Honor I told her I wasn’t ready for a child, and she told me she was on the pill”
Woman: “No your Honor that’s not true, we both agreed that it would be fantastic if I would become pregnant and I told him I didn’t use any contraceptive method”

Who is saying the truth? Which C.S.I. (sic…) team is going to investigate such a case?? And what about the poor child who has certainly not been asking to be born from such “non-parents”…
How far can it go? Can people always run away from taking responsibility for their behaviors??

This blog is definitely not the right place to discuss those issues. Yet I had to express my outrage at seeing this being possible.
I can only hope that a near future will bring some sanity and sensibleness to those people.

It might sound naive, but I will stay hopeful.


P.S.: Serious reference with a sad but interesting point of view.


espresso bean said...

I'm on your page... Couldn't have said it better myself.

I'm really thinkin that whether folks think abortion is good, bad, or indifferent, the one thing that stands is it really shouldn't be up to the government to decide for us. That's the scary part IMHO. Just my thoughts, anyhow.

Jonh Neo said...

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